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Talon Faculty & Staff Dining Menus

Check back each week to see what will be offered.  Scroll down to see the entire week.

Talon Faculty & Staff Dining Hall

Second floor of the Talon Center
Hours of Operation

Wednesday - Friday

11:30a - 2:00p

Discover the epitome of campus dining excellence at the Talon Faculty Staff Dining Hall! As the culinary hub of our institution, we take immense pride in offering our cherished faculty and staff an unparalleled dining experience. Our website serves as your digital doorway to explore our ever-evolving menu. Join us in savoring exquisite cuisine, forging meaningful connections, and nurturing the spirit that propels our academic community forward. Step into a realm of flavors and camaraderie at the Talon Faculty Staff Dining Hall – where every meal is a moment to remember. Located on the second floor of Talon Center.

Our menus change on a weekly basis. To find the menu for the current week, please refer to the calendar above and click on the link that corresponds to the current menu.

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