Meal Plan FAQs

What is a Meal Plan?

A meal plan is a program that enables students to eat a select number of meals at the Dining Hall during a given meal period. The meals per week allowance allow you to enjoya certain number of meals each week for the semester. You can use your meals Monday through Friday for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and on Saturday and Sunday for Brunch and Dinner in our all-you-care-to-eat dining halls as well as in our various retail locations. Each time you use a meal, it is subtracted from your weekly balance. Meals do not carry over from week to week and the meal plan resets every Sunday night. A valid student identification card must be presented in order to enter the dining halls and your card is non transferable.

What is a Commuter Meal Plan?

Designed exclusively for commuter students, faculty and staff, the Commuter Meal Plan is great for the occasional diner. The meal plan offers a convenient, hassle free way to always enjoy a delicious meal. Purchase a commuter meal plan at the university’s cashier’s office. Financial Aid dollars can be used to purchase the commuter meal plans. You may also pay with MasterCard, Visa, Cash, Money Order.

What facilities accept the Meal Plans and Commuter Meal Plans?

The Meal Plans and Commuter Meal Plans are accepted in the dining hall.

If I don't use all of my meals in a given week, do they carry over to the following week?

Meals do not carry over from one week to the next week.You must use all of your meal swipes that particular week or you will lose them.

Can I treat a guest by using two “meals” in a meal period?

No. Unfortunately, your meal plan is non-transferable. You may not use more than one of your meals during a given meal period. You can, however, use one of your guest meal swipes. Each meal plan comes with 5 guest meal swipes to be used each semester.

What are the Meal Equivalency Rates?

Breakfast $xxx Lunch $xxx Dinner $xxx

What is the Meal Equivalency Option?

Meal Equivalency is a meal exchange where students have the choice to have their meals at the retail locations in lieu of the Dining Halls at no additional cost. If the price of your meal exceeds the meal equivalency rate (shown above), then the remaining balance owed will be paid in the following order:

When can I use my Meal Equivalency?

Meal Equivalency may be used during the following hours:

Breakfast: xxx
Lunch: xxx
Dinner: xxx

For Parents

When you purchase one of our Meal Plans for your son or daughter, you are participating in a program that is designed to provide students with a wide range of options. Of course it’s not just about the food, our programs are constantly changing to address the issues of nutrition and health as well as create an atmosphere that makes Dining Services a relaxing break in the day from the pressures of student life. Diners enjoy theme meals and special events to make dining a social event with friends. You can call us at (410) 951–1229 or e-mail, if you have any concerns, comments or need advice on which plan best suits your needs. Please also let us know your feedback by clicking here.